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Telford v TNS
Alfie Carter impressed in last week's friendly at the New Bucks Head
KEN McKenna has failed in his bid to bring AFC Telford United striker Alfie Carter to Saints.
The frontman turned up for training with the Bucks last night - to the delight of manager Bernard McNally - and confirmed that he would indeed be a Telford player this season.
"I was delighted to see him turn up last night. He's got a real dilemma because he doesn't want to leave AFC Telford United," said McNally.
"I asked him if he would be an AFC Telford player at 3 o'clock on Saturday and he said that as far he's concerned, he's an AFC Telford player and will play if he's wanted."
McNally, who has a fanciful notion of full-time wages at Treflan, has consistently rubbished TNS during the protracted negotiations and had another dig when he said: "The fact that we're a part-time club and he's unsure about going to a full-time club puts out a message to other clubs. This is a big club.
"Ken McKenna's probably more concerned about the situation than I am. If we were a full-time side and couldn't attract a player form a part-time club, I'd be worried."
However, Carter has a job in addition to his wages from the Bucks and would have been no better off financially from making the move, which swayed his decision to remain with the Unibond outfit.
19 August 2021