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Architect's proposal for the new leisure centre and football stadium at Oswald Park
A MULTI-million pound development which could provide a new home for the Saints is expected to receive the green light from Oswestry Borough Council on Tuesday.
Costing 7 million, a new leisure centre is to be built on a 24-acre site near North Shropshire College, currently fields just off Shrewsbury Road on the edge of the town.
Councillors will be recommended to approve the first phase of the project which will include the buying of the land, which is currently in private ownership, at a cost to the council of 780,000.
To be known as Oswald Park, the project will be funded by the sale of land at Mile End, the current leisure site and the Council's Alexandra Road depot, with the balance of 2 million coming from external sources.
It is planned that a new football stadium for TNS will form a future addition to the project, along with outdoor courts and pitches.
"We are continuing to work with Oswestry Borough Council to jointly explore sources of funding and hope that the football stadium part of the proposal will come to fruition in the near future," says TNS general manager Ian Williams.
TNS received a dispensation to play in England following the merger with Oswestry Town, a move which was ratified by the FAW and Uefa.
19 September 2021