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CARDIFF CITY have told Welsh soccer chiefs they want to pull out of the FAW Premier Cup.
The move comes as Bluebirds supremo Sam Hammam (pictured) looks to focus everything upon Cardiff's bid to get into the Premiership.
But it could also spell the end of the competition, leading to an urgent call for a Hammam re-think from the Football Association of Wales.
Hammam spells out his wish for Cardiff to quit the competition in a letter he has sent to soccer bigwigs.
He argues that he can't commit City's first team to Premier Cup matches and as such, it would be better if the Bluebirds were not involved.
FAW secretary David Collins confirmed Hammam had made his request for Cardiff to quit the cup.
But he said the FAW had responded by stating that Cardiff had a contractual obligation to compete for the 2003-2004 season.
"I would like to think Mr Hammam accepts that. But we will just have to wait and see what he does," said Collins.
Asked if it would spell the end of the competition were Cardiff to pull out, Collins replied, "I will comment on that if it does happen."
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21 June 2021