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KEN McKenna is naturally thrilled at the prospect of a high profile encounter with the light blues.
"To take on Manchester City is a massive, massive challenge for a club like ours," he said.
"I didn't even know they were in our part of the draw until I came out here. I thought we would be going somewhere like Denmark or Norway, so Man City were not even on our agenda. It's unbelievable.
"We're back in training on Monday with just over 50 days until we play a Premiership club - there is not a minute to waste.
"We will be giving the tie a lot of thought.
We may not be able to match them technically, but we can do it with effort - it's vital we get ourselves as fit as possible.
"We had drawn up our pre-season plans, but that will all change now.
"We'll be giving the tie all our energy and thought," said McKenna.
The tie will also be a particular challenge for keeper Dean Williams who is a keen Manchester City fan!
21 June 2021
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