TNS have suffered enough at the hands of Barry Town over recent seasons, but Ken McKenna was one of several Premier League managers to welcome the Dragons' survival.
"It has been a strange season for us not having to chase Barry and I've missed it. We are where we are because of Barry Town, who showed all the other clubs the way," McKenna said.
"I know they were poorly run off the field and all football clubs must take lessons from that, but they inspired us to become professional.
"Sadly, we are now the only professional side left in the league. I hope others will follow but there are not many rich benefactors around who are prepared to throw a lot of money at non-league football."
Port Talbot manger Mark Jones was also one of the first to voice his pleasure at the news.
"This is great for the league," he said.
"Barry Town have a tremendous record in this league and have dominated it and flown the flag in Europe for nearly a decade.
"The Welsh Premier could ill afford to lose them. I have watched them four times this season and they are becoming more competitive, and with new players promised they could escape relegation."
Barry's saviour, Stuart Lovering, has promised money to manager David Hughes to bring in new players and three or four new signings are expected soon.
"It will be difficult following the start we've made, but money is available for team strengthening," said Lovering.
"But this club will now be run on a strict business basis and we won't be throwing money around.
"I can't think of anything better than owning a football club and I hope my business expertise can help return this club back to the top, where it belongs.
"That could mean the club returning to fully professional status sometime in the future, but there are no immediate plans and no time limits."
15 December 2020