THE long awaited meeting between the Welsh Premier League and the FAW Management Committee took place last Tuesday and turned out to be a possible milestone in the League’s history.
Management Committee Chairman Ken Tucker said: “During the past 18 months there has been a great deal of misunderstanding between the FAW and the League.
“In the joint meeting both parties I am pleased to report that all issues have now been amicably resolved and we look forward to a closer partnership in the future.”
Mr Tucker added that the Welsh Premier League is the flagship League for Wales and that the FAWMC will work with the WP Board to ensure its future. This meeting will take place annually during the close season.
Welsh Premier Chairman Iwan Jones said: “The League will retain its membership target of 18 clubs and, having dropped the demand for full autonomy, have obtained full control of the Welsh Premier League budget.
“The FAW will drip feed their financial support throughout the season, but where it now goes will be entirely up to the Board. The level of financial support will be discussed at the annual meeting but the FAW would not anchor on set figures for coming seasons.
"However, they did emphasise that if the FAW coffers increase then so will the budget allocation for the WP. Likewise of course if the coffers are drained then the WP allocation will fall in parallel with other FAW departmental budgets."
“We also raised the matter of the forthcoming TV contract. Whilst not agreeing to allow WP representation on the negotiating team, the FAW agreed to put the case for increased WPL coverage on whatever channel gets the contract.
“The Board have put the case that it is more important for the League to get better coverage than to push for a share of the financial package. Therefore if better coverage cannot be obtained then the WPL must have an opt-out to enable it to seek other companies for coverage.”
22 December 2020