SAINTS have hardly been pretty in recent weeks but boss Ken McKenna is not expecting any relaxation in the pressure when TNS take on Port Talbot in the Welsh Cup semi-final at Aberystwyth on Saturday.
"You donít take the pressure off with a cup semi-final. Every game is a pressure game for us. It is going to be tough, every game for us is like a cup final," he says.
Nor is McKenna unduly worried at the recent criticism of his side.
"You are always going to get that. I am not bothered what anyone else thinks.
"Anybody who knows anything about football will tell you that the pressure does affect performances. How many cup semi-finals go ahead and, because of the pressure, it is rubbish?
"If we won everything 3-0 people would still criticise us. Premier League teams spend £20m and £30m and still do not win anything. This side we have assembled has not cost us 2p," he said.
McKenna says that, in many cases, the criticism comes because of envy.
"I just say to my lads that it should inspire them, it certainly did for me when I was a player," he added.
31 March 2021