TNS logo The current logo of Total Network Solutions F C was introduced in 1997 after local businessman, Mike Harris, invested money into the club.
As part of the investment deal, the club changed its name from Llansantffraid FC to Total Network Solutions FC. A revised club crest / badge was therefore also required.
The red dragon is taken from the Welsh flag. While this symbol is used by many Welsh clubs, its true meaning remains something of a mystery. The most widely used explanation is that ancient poets, Aneirin and Taliesin, used the Welsh word for dragon - 'draig' - in the sense of 'warrior' or 'leader' and that this usage remained until the Middle Ages. In the book 'Historia Brittonum' (ascribed to Nennius) of around 800 A.D. the dragon is seen as a symbol of national independence in the story of the red dragon battling with the white dragon of the Saxon enemy.
Another theory is that seventh century Welsh hero, Cadwaladr, carried the dragon standard and that the dragon had become a recognised symbol of Wales by the time Welsh archers were serving in the English army at the Battle of Crecy in 1346. It is said that a dragon banner was thrown over the Black Prince for his protection when he was unhorsed during the battle. The future king, Henry VII, then carried the dragon banner at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. He later decided that the red dragon should figure on the official flag of Wales.
The green cross inside a black circle represents the sign of a saint. This is part of the crest as the nickname of T.N.S. FC is 'The Saints' - derived from the club's former name, Llan-sant-ffraid. The cross is green as this is one of the traditional colours used on the club shirts.